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Welcome to our schools competitions and resources pages  

The RACI is committed to providing activities and educational opportunities for the next generation of chemists in Australia, and throughout the world.
We run a number of state-based and national events, competitions and activities throughout the year that both assist teachers in explaining concepts and stimulate interest in science in students. 

ANCQ Chemistry Quiz

The ANCQ is our premier event for schools.
This multiple-choice Quiz takes place annually and attracts over 95,000 students worldwide from over 20 countries.
It provides a major focus for secondary school students on the relevance of chemistry in a fun and stimulating way.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the Quiz has been cancelled for 2020.
In 2021, the Quiz will be held on Thursday 29 July. We look forward to seeing you back next year!

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Titration Challenge

Calling all Chemistry Educators and Laboratory Technicians - Can you titrate as well as your students?
Entries close Friday 25 September 2020

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School Initiatives

In addition to the Quiz, we hold a number of schools activities for Primary and Secondary school students.

Titration Competitions

All secondary schools are invited to compete in their local state-based titration competition and progress to the National Titration competition.

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Crystal Growing Competitions

Primary and Secondary schools are invited to take part in our Crystal Growing Competitions. 

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National Lecture Series

Lecture series, designed to inspire and educate students are rune in most states.

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Teacher Resources

The RACI has produced a free resource database for teachers to use as a teaching aid.
It has been divided into 4 topics, and includes latest news, research articles and demonstrations that both students and teachers alike will find beneficial for their chemistry knowledge and understanding.

We will be building up these resources in the coming months, with the help of our Chemical Education Groups and partner organisations. So stay tuned!