Mentoring Program

Want to benefit from the advice and guidance of a highly experienced mentor? Join the RACI Mentoring Program.

What is the program?

Our Mentoring Program offers students and early career chemists a wonderful opportunity to gain unique knowledge and insights from industry experts, and develop their careers. The response from mentors and mentees is overwhelmingly positive to the program, with both benefiting from the experience. The program will match mentees with a one-on-one mentor with whom they can engage during the duration of the program. Mentees will gain access to their mentor's network and experience through communication with their mentor. The mentor is not expected to find their mentee employment but will offer the benefit of their advice and experience to them.

This is reflected in the fact that in the last few years, 80% of our mentoring program graduates have found a job within one month of graduation.

We take both undergraduate and postgraduate students (preferably in their penultimate year of study at the time of application) from a wide range of disciplines: from chemistry majors to forensics, nanomaterials, medicinal and biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, physical chemistry and more.

How does it work?

The program involves regular guidance and support (every few weeks), typically via calls and occasional casual meetings. Zoom catchups may replace face-to-face meetings during COVID restrictions.

This guidance is geared towards career support and advice including the process of finding a first job or your next career move. The mentor is not expected to offer you a job or find you employment.

The mentor will also offer support through developing professional networks, such as exploring networking opportunities. Typically the mentor will introduce the mentees to RACI contacts and include them in conversations at RACI events.

You will also have access to the mentoring program resources webpage packed with helpful tools, articles and links. 


2021 Mentoring Program

2022 Mentoring Program

Applications have closed for the 2021 program. Applications for the 2022 program will open in August 2021. 


A special job board has been created for selected chemistry jobs that could be of interest to mentees. This page is behind a fire wall and available to Early Career Chemists only. You have to log in to view.


Become a mentor

With the RACI Mentoring program now being offered nationally in 2021, we are now more in need of mentors than ever before. Dave Sammut shares his thoughts on the benefits of being a mentor in this article titled Mentoring: Success encouraging success. Read the article now.

We've put together a video below on what it means to be a mentor in the 2021 Mentoring Program. Please watch the video and you can also contact the Mentoring Team for general information and any questions.

Are you ready to be a mentor in the 2021 Mentoring Program? Simply contact the Mentoring Team and let us know. 


Interested in becoming a Mentor?


Making the most of the program

Mentoring is very much a two-way process. Remember, mentors are volunteering their time so as a mentee you need to be respectful of this and equally committed to the program. That means being an active participant and bringing your energy and enthusiasm to all activities, including taking part in networking events.

The Mentoring Program is ideal if you are in your final year studying chemical sciences, are more orientated to an industrial/commercial career rather than academia, or are already an early career chemical scientist.

As a mentee you don't need to be the top student in your class. You just need to be focused on creating a good start to your career, and be willing to put in the effort to achieve that.

How do I join?

The program is run annually across Australia, with applications accepted through this website from August to the end of October. Applications for the 2021 Mentoring Program are now closed. Applications for the 2022 Mentoring Program will open in August 2021. 

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply. You also need to be a RACI student or early career member.

Please email the Mentoring Team with any questions.