Volunteering Opportunities

The RACI exists through the magnificent support of our volunteers. We have over 70 active committees spread over the Branches, Divisions, Groups and Board committees that are manned and run purely by volunteer members. And we'd love you to be involved.

The RACI operates with a small administrative staff to assist our army of volunteers deliver events and services to their 4000+ fellow members. We've been doing this for over 100 years and with our members help aim to do it for the next 100.


Why volunteer?


For our younger members just starting out on their career journey, it's an opportunity to gain experience, knowledge and networks whilst giving back to the chemical sciences community. 

For our longer serving members, volunteering is an avenue for those who wish to give something back to their community and to society in general. It is a great way to maintain contact with their networks and provides the opportunity to keep actively doing the things that have provided enjoyment and satisfaction throughout their career. 

Current Volunteering Opportunities


Searching for Volunteer Accreditors - Closes 10 April 2021

The RACI works in partnership with higher education institutions to ensure their chemical science programs are of a professional and high-quality standard. This partnership aims to ensure their students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be a practising chemist. 

The RACI accreditation process is based upon the threshold learning and teaching outcomes standards statements for chemistry. The learning outcomes being the set of knowledge, skills and/or competencies a person has acquired and is able to demonstrate after completion of a learning process. 

The process of accreditation involves:

  1. The candidate universities completing a detailed questionnaire about their degree program
  2. A panel of 3 accreditors visiting the University to review the processes, interview students and staff over a 3 day period using a formalised process
  3. The team produce a report with recommendations
  4. Report being reviewed by the Accreditation committee who provide recommendations to the Board
  5. The Board decides on the outcome

We are looking to enlarge our team of accreditors that form the visiting accreditation panels

What we are looking for:

  1. We would like a cross section of members from:
    a. members in industry/government etc. who use graduates and know what skills are needed, 
    b. members in academia who deliver program content and understand how universities work 
    c. members in the educational system who provide the students for the university programs.
  2. Members willing and able to travel interstate [to avoid conflict of interest] and spend 3 days on a accreditation visit possibly once per year
  3. Members who have a passion to ensure universities output what society needs

No previous experience will be required, all applicants will go through a structured virtual training program. New members will be allocated to panels with seasoned accreditors on their first visit.

These are volunteer positions however the RACI will cover all travel, accommodation and catering costs.

For more information about the RACI Accreditation program watch this video here. 

If you are interested or have questions please email our Accreditation team.
Call closes on 10 April 2021.

RACI Mentoring Program

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