Welcome to the RACI WA Branch Winter President's Corner!

Written by Tamsin Collins 

Published August 2022


Welcome to the RACI WA Branch Winter Newsletter.

It has been a while - three months. What with Congress and the changes in National Office, we were unable to issue our usually regular Newsletter. Thanks in advance for your patience with this.

In May we had four very successful events. Thank you to all who attended and helped to make them happen.

On 11 May there was another very successful and enjoyable Retiree Lunch at held at Fraser’s. Thanks again to our Post-President Ferdie Ferrante for this very popular program which has stood the test of Covid19.

On 17 May we had a very engaging and informative talk from Colin Wheatley on his research around calculating concentrations of TSH, T4, FT4, T3 FTE and Thyroglobulin. Watch out for the recording on the RACI WA Chemaraderie Networking Event Key Note Speaker Series Play List on the RACI YouTube Channel. We look forward to the future publication of this work.

On 19 May the Early Career Chemistry Group had their Official Launch featuring a panel discussion of the topic of versatility of your chemistry degrees towards different career paths. The panel was made up of Dr. Michael Challenor from VitalTrace, Hannah Green from ChemCentre, Anand Bhatt from Fortescue Future Industries and Dr. Rafaella Demichelis from Curtin Uni.  Well done team!

The second Bayliss lecture for 2022 on the Chemistry behind Covid19 was held at UWA on 31 May. Another very successful event well attended by our local high school population. 

In June we had two more events:

On 22 June we had the third and final installment of the 2022 Bayliss Lecture on the Chemistry behind Covid19 at Curtin Uni. For this event it was great to see not only our local high school students but also our RACI membership. There was no Chemaraderie in June to free up our membership to be able to attend. This lecture too we will look to add to our Play List on the RACI YouTube Channel.

On 26 June the Women in Chemistry group organised a High Tea with Soap and Candle Making at Batherapy. This was a wonderful family friendly afternoon. We are enjoying the soap and candles my daughter and I brought home.

In spite of the lack of advertising and hence participants, we did go ahead with our July Chemaraderie, with Stewart Jones speaking on “Laboratory Capacity Building in the Asia Pacific Region”. I am looking forward to doing the speaker justice with a recording that will go on our Play List in the near future. Please do make the effort to take a look to give our speaker the support they deserve.

Coming up in August we have our Awards Night on 16 August. Please do come along to help celebrate those who are receiving awards. It is always a good night!  On 31 August the Early Career Chemist Group will run a Careers Night at UWA.  Anyone interested in knowing what chemistry-related employment is out there should go along and meet actual WA potential employers.

Looking back at the first half of 2022 we have had a great six months. Each month we have had events by at least one of our Groups, and a Chemaraderie. This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Groups, Committee members, sponsors and members as well as the support we received from National Office. Let’s keep it up.


Feedback is welcome:

Tamsin Collins

WA Branch President



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